Painting is my joy, something that I will never ignore, or stand in the way of, a constant in my life. I’m deeply inspired by natural environments, crisp yet delicate moments, birds catch my eye and leave a lasting impression, the elements anchor my senses… The environment I perceive is conveyed through a visceral expression of color, texture, and often harnessing the power of positive and negative space. My adoration of color and gradients provide a source of knowing my intuition, of acknowledging the “yes” of my inner landscape. I perceive color as a therapeutic modality, a way to connect to playfulness and how I imbue deeply intimate feelings.

Emotions cannot always find expression through communication and yet everything communicates, an energy can be sensed in anything if given the attention. Painting has given me the space to understand the layers of my perception and has been an honoring of where I am in life, many moments and crossroads. The bridge as “self” and in becoming a mother also gives me the awareness of a deep honoring of the nuances within presence. My creative endeavors are a way to approach life in a sensual context. It’s a communication through the senses, then translated by color, movement and self acceptance. As a mother, I understand self-love with a new respect. Wholly loving yourself requires tools for the ability to self soothe, to have the capacity to nurture your self and others, it’s a process of refining and even redefining your needs in the present moment.

Art is the sacred act of intimately expressing something by choice and often honors the simplicity of a fleeting moment. I enjoy when I have a lighthearted approach in life, in nature, and within the spaces and art that I create. What I choose to imbue can be translated for others in so many ways, yet the undercurrent of each piece carries a direct vibrational intention. My desire is to bring beauty and a feeling of peacefulness into spaces, a moment of awe, and an empowerment of inspiration.

Marisa Kieselhorst